Amir Khan: Do I Have To Put A Beating On Brook To Prove I’m The Better Fighter?

Amir Khan: Do I Have To Put A Beating On Brook To Prove I’m The Better Fighter?

By Olly Campbell | July 19, 2015 

Before last night’s “High Stakes” card in Manchester, fans were expecting an announcement from IBF 147 lb champion Kell Brook – who was sat ringside alongside promoter Eddie Hearn – regarding his next fight in October. Although the announcement failed to materialise, there was a rather awkward moment when the big screen in the arena flashed to welterweight rival Amir Khan backstage before shooting across to Brook, who hadn’t realised immediately that Khan was in the building or that the camera had now focused in on him.


A Brook v Khan fight is arguably the biggest fight there is for British boxing and although Khan keeps desperately chasing the Mayweather fight and is hanging on for an “official” announcement from Floyd, he insisted last night to iFLtv that for him “it’s about fighting the biggest names in boxing” and in what is becoming something of a predictably depressing narrative, once again stated he doesn’t see why he should hand Brook “a payday”, insisting he is the big draw and owes the IBF champion nothing.

“That fight will happen maybe, it’ll probably happen one day.” said Khan before re-iterating that he believes once again he has earned stripes in the ring against operators like Maidana and Judah that his Sheffield rival hasn’t.

“Why should I – when I’m financially secure myself, making good money fighting in America – why should I give Kell Brook that big payday by him fighting me?”

“He’s only fought one top guy in Shawn Porter and that was a very close fight. Why’s he’s fighting Jo Jo Dan – okay, a mandatory – but Frankie Gavin? I heard rumours he’s fighting Bundu next or Van Heerden. I mean he’s a world champion. He needs to go and fight some top level fighters.”

“One thing I can say is that fight will always be there and until I retire that fight will always be there.”

Asserting he feels he is a level above in terms of being a PPV name, Khan said he is chasing fighters he sees as peers in terms of his level of marketability and talent;

“People generally want me to fight Mayweather and that’s my goal there to fight Mayweather – and there’s big names like Manny Pacquiao out there as well. Bradley, that’s a top fight for me as well.”

And in that 3rd person style that many find so grating, he said;

“Regardless of world title or no world title, I’m a big name. I think if you look at the way Amir Khan fights, he’s one of the most exciting fighters in the world. Why do I need Kell Brook? I can sell out any Arena in England on my own anyway.”

“The longer it goes the fight will get even bigger. If Kell Brook proves himself and has these big fights, and proves himself as a big name in boxing – in America not many people know him – If he proves himself, it won’t only be a big fight in England, it’ll be a big fight globally.”

“I’m not saying I’m scared, I said I will fight him, I’m not scared of him, honestly. I will fight him but like I said, he has to take some big fights first.”

“My name gets mentioned with Mayweather and Pacquiao. You don’t see Kell Brook’s name mentioned with Mayweather and Pacquiao.”

“Who’s the better fighter? Do I really have to put a beating on him to prove I’m the better fighter?”

Yes, Amir. I’d say you do….

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