Noemi Bosques Announces WIBA Title Fight - Boxing Interviews, News and Information from Brooklyn, NY: World Capital of Fighting

Noemi Bosques Announces WIBA Title Fight - Boxing Interviews, News and Information from Brooklyn, NY: World Capital of Fighting

Photo Credit: Joseph Correa/ Frontproof Media

Photo Credit: Joseph Correa/ Frontproof Media

By Nat Wilkins

This week, caught up with Noemi Bosques (8-3-2) of Tampa, Florida. Bosques broke the news that she will be fighting for the vacant WIBA super flyweight title. The fight is on for August 22nd at the Tradewinds Resort in St. Pete, Florida, against Marisol Miranda (5-8-1). “It’s going to be a busy end of the year,” said Bosques, who also has fights in the queue for September and October.

“We’re six weeks out, and I am already sparring two or three different left-handed people.”

About Miranda, Bosques said, “I fought her before. We went to a draw. She is a southpaw from here in Florida. So they are giving us a rematch and it’s going to be for a title.”

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When asked what she’s doing different to get the win this time, she replied, “Sparring a lot of left-handers. The first time, she was given to me last minute and I hadn’t been up against a lefty yet. We’re six weeks out, and I am already sparring two or three different left-handed people.” Bosques trains 5 or 6 days a week. “I do sprints around the track, we do conditioning with the weights and all the other stuff,” she said.

Bosques’ last fight took place on May 29th, in Brooklyn at Barclay’s Center where she squared off against local favorite, Heather Hardy. Bosques came to town ready to rumble and put on a great effort, though she ultimately lost a split decision to Hardy.

How did you feel about the Heather Hardy fight?

“The fight was a really good fight, nothing short of what I said it was going to be. We went toe-to-toe the whole fight. Obviously, her being the bigger opponent, I could tell a difference, because I would throw bombs at her that were landing clean. But when you’re a fighter that’s as big as she is and used to getting hit by girls that are dropping down from 140 to 130, a lot of times punches from a natural 115-118, it doesn’t really do as much damage as what they’re used to feeling. So I think I landed some good shots, especially the first half of the fight. But as the fight progressed, it kind of evened out a bit more. It was a very close fight, one of the judges gave it to me and everything in her home town. In my opinion, I thought I had it, at the least, I would’ve called it a draw…But as soon as it ended and I hadn’t knocked her out, I realized I had lost the fight. I knew what I had to do, and I couldn’t knock her out. She’s a tough girl, and a big one at that. Hats off to her–she did her thing.”

What Makes You Tick? 

“I’ve always had a soft spot for kids, probably because I am a big kid myself. There is something about kids…they’re not so damaged by the negativity that’s out there. I love how simple and pure their thoughts are. A lot of times I will ask my daughter something…When I am troubled by something, I’ll just put it out there–and she’ll give me the simplest answer her 12 year old mind can think of, and it’ll just make absolute sense. And sometimes I think when we’re grown ups, we’re the ones that complicate answers, and we’re the ones that complicate life because we are surrounded by negativity and regular everyday stuff.

I just admire kids so much because they’re still so pure. They are easily made happy. They’re simple. They just want to have fun. Helping kids move forward and using my story to benefit them and keeping them motivated has always been something I value a lot. Especially throughout this career, because I realized that a lot of them look up to me. So I want to take advantage of being a role model and be there to support them anyway I can.”

Bosques, who is very active in community work, is currently collecting used boxing and MMA gear from the combat sports community in Tampa for donation to a police athletic league gym in Key West where she heard the kids were without the basics needed for training. “I am in the process of setting up the next Power Up Project and doing a collection of boxing gloves and other equipment,” she told us. Bosques is making the 6 hour drive to deliver the gear herself, in the midst of training for the title fight.

Tell us about your struggles with the business side of boxing.

“Boxing is a very tough sport. The physical part is fun, but the business part is very demanding. It’s very cut-throat. And unfortunately the part that we love–the fighting and training is only a few minutes compared to the days a days and weeks and weeks of the other stuff, and it can be very discouraging. A lot of times, I will continue with the headaches of the sport because there are so many kids I am helping.

Every year has had its different challenges. The first year, I was fighting, a lot of fights were falling out. It was hard to get fights. And that’s when I started really selling the tickets. I realized that in order to get the fights, I had to hustle the tickets, because I wasn’t represented by anyone. But now that the opponents are on another level…I cannot train the way I need to be training and focus on meeting people at all times of day with the tickets. Luckily now, I am thankful that promoters and managers are showing a lot more interest in women fighters, but it wasn’t always like that. And we’re still struggling as women to have that kind of help from promotion and management. It seems like there is a ray of sunlight.”

The interview concluded on a light note when we asked Bosques for her favorite punch. “Oh man–all of them! My overhand right I think is pretty powerful. I also ove the left hook and the right hand…all of them!”

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