Does Holm have what it takes to stop Rowdy Ronda Rousey?

Does Holm have what it takes to stop Rowdy Ronda Rousey?

By Joseph Correa

Less than one month after a completely dominant victory over challenger Bethe Correia, it was announced Friday that UFC women's bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey's next encounter will be Holly Holm at UFC 195.

 UFC President Dana White has confirmed it is set to go down Jan. 2 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

Rousey recently tweeted about the upcoming bout as well:

#UFC195 #Jan2nd #andSTILL

— Ronda Rousey (@RondaRousey) August 21, 2015

Rousey had good things to say about her opponent Holm and respects her skills as a former world champion boxer, Holm, who's one of the most deadly striker's in all of mixed martial arts could offer up a stiff challenge to the champion. Holm is a 19-time world champion in boxing and that has to count for something. Holly Holm was The Ring magazine pound-for-pound Fighter of the Year, and a Hall of famer in New Mexico's boxing hall of fame. She boasts a great professional record of 33-2-3 and boxing and is still undefeated in the octagon.

Holm's agent, Lenny Fresquez, has these words to say about the upcoming bout.

"We don't PLAN on taking Ronda's belt, we aretaking her belt. I would like nothing else in the world than for Ronda to strike with Holly -- Holly is the best striker in the world."


"Holly isn't Bethe Correia," Lenny says ... "She's never seen a fighter like Holly. People don't realize how much bigger and stronger Holly is than Ronda. She cleaned out the boxing division at 130, 137 and 154."

To Rousey's credit she is a perfect 12-0 in her career and all of her wins are dominate. She is like no-one  the MMA world has ever seen and in her most recent fight she turn the lights out on Correia in just .34 seconds. These are the best of the best and she makes it look easy.


Who wins? 

That all depends on Holm who must catch Rousey with something significant early, and use her angles keeping Rousey off balance, otherwise she may be in for a quick night. She lacks experience on the ground and this may turn out to be a curse for her as Rousey has the best arm bar in the business. We don't know exactly how tough Rousey is when in trouble or how she handles adversity. Holm certainly has the tools to make this happen and could push Ronda beyond her comfort level. I believe Rousey has the edge only because of the lack of ground skills, and the skill set that Rousey possesses which is better suited to the particular sport of mixed martial arts. If this were a boxing match Holm would destroy Rowdy Rousey. Overall it should be a good fight, at least early, and one that is more competitive than Ronda's last affair. 

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