How will the All-Star Boxing lawsuit affect Canelo Alvarez's career?

How will the All-Star Boxing lawsuit affect Canelo Alvarez's career?

By Hector Franco

It’s been five years in the making. With all the talk of Canelo Alvarez dropping the WBC version of the middleweight title, there was a situation waiting in the background. As reported and covered by, All-Star Boxing will finally be taking Canelo Alvarez and Golden Boy to court. Fans may be wondering how this affects negotiations for a bout with Gennady Golovkin. We know by now that two of the reasons that Alvarez dropped the WBC title was to avoid a 55/45 purse split and to avoid a purse bid entirely. Golden Boy and K2 only had until May 24th to come up with some kind of agreement. This All-Star Boxing lawsuit could turn out to be a career-changing moment in Alvarez’s career. 

This lawsuit has its roots from back in 2011. This was the year that Alvarez faced off against Matthew Hatton for the vacant WBC junior middleweight title. At the time this lawsuit was first brought up it was dismissed as a small promotional company trying to make its name off of Golden Boy. From September 2008 to December 2009 Alvarez fought nine times under the All-Star Boxing banner. All-Star is claiming that Alvarez signed with Golden Boy as a breach of contract.  Felix  ‘Tutico’ Zabala Jr. and Alejandro Brito who is lead counsel for All-Star Boxing had this to say to last week regarding the case. 

“All we’ve ever wanted is what’s right. We’ve given (Golden Boy Promotions) every chance to do the fair thing here. When that didn’t happen, we had to demand our day in court”. – Felix ‘Tutico’ Zabala Jr.
“It’s been very frustrating seeing this case delayed over the years. We’d have a date, only to have to wait because he was in training for a fight, then planning for a next fight”. – Alejandro Brito

Since signing with Golden Boy Promotions Canelo Alvarez has participated in some of the biggest fights in boxing history. His 2013 bout with Floyd Mayweather sold over 2.2 million PPV buys. This along with his PPV bouts with Miguel Cotto, Amir Khan, Alfredo Angulo and Erislandy Lara only add to All-Star Boxing’s case. All-Star Boxing's lawsuit has three facets. They are taking Canelo Alvarez to court for breach of contract and unjust enrichment. They are taking Golden Boy Promotions to court for tortious interference. 

What this means for Alvarez and Golden Boy is that all these events and earnings that have come there way since 2011 only add to All-Star Boxings case for compensatory damages. What could come of this is a judge ruling in the favor of All-Star Boxing. If this happens Canelo Alvarez’s contracts with both Golden Boy and HBO will end. For now, All-Star Boxing is just worried about Golden Boy and Alvarez.

“We want our fighter back; that’s the bottom line here. Far too often in boxing, everyone thinks you can just throw money at a problem and make it go away. We’re not in this case looking for a handout or attempting a shakedown. We want to set a precedent here, a lesson to be learned that you have to honor your contract once you enter a legally binding agreement. To work all your life to find that one boxer you know is the next superstar and then to just have him stolen away from you-its wrong. We’ve demanded our day in court a long time ago, and now that day is finally here.” – Felix ‘Tutico’ Zabala Jr.

Depending on how this case is ruled it could change a portion of the boxing landscape. Canelo Alvarez is arguably the biggest star in boxing at the moment. If he were forced to leave Golden Boy and HBO, would he want to even continue fighting under All-Star Boxing? Fans will have to wait until more details come out about the case. Any talks of a fight between Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin need to take a backseat to this lawsuit. Many will see this as just a money grab by a small promotion, but if it turns out to be more than that boxing could see a long delay in the career of one of it’s biggest stars.




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