Frontproof Media is looking for Writers, Interviewers, Youtubers, Photographers, Video Editors and Graphic Designers to join our team! 

At this time we offer NO financial compensation for submissions. Compensation will be obtained in the way of an opportunity for you to be published online and gain valuable experience, and exposure to your material. This is an excellent opportunity to have your work seen and could lead to several opportunities going forward. Press access may be granted to contributors for live coverage of fights, interviews and fight related events. 

Frontproof Media will do everything we can to promote your work and put it in front of your targeted audience and help you build your presence. You will receive full credit for all of your work and a link to your site or social media account will be included within the article itself.


 We are looking for writers that can help two to three times a week, weekly and on assignment.


Please read the guidelines and submit your information along with a sample of your work below


To have your work considered, please follow our general guidelines:


– Title of your work, preferably one that contains the names of the main fighters in the article.


– We will not consider previously published articles.


– Proof your work thoroughly. Typographical and grammatical errors are distracting and turn readers off. Such errors may disqualify your submission, and will certainly make a less than favorable impression.


– Word count is open, but use discretion. Write as much as you feel is necessary to cover the topic, but don't go overboard.

Your article will be edited, and may be trimmed or additional information may be added as necessary.


– Do not use ALL CAPS, even for titles.

– Send as word attachment or paste it into the body of your e-mail.

We accept submissions in each of six categories:

– Historical articles about past fights/fighters.

– Fighter interviews.

- Spotlight articles

– Boxing Previews.

– Fight reports.


– Fighter/Fight analysis – an article on a particular fighter/fight, which discusses his/her career, fighting style, and future fights.


– Upcoming fights – an article on an upcoming fight, Pre-fight breakdown/thoughts etc.. 


We’re open to almost any type of writing within those categories. Specifically, we’re looking for original work with fresh ideas and strong, clean, concise writing. We want to see pieces that will grab a readers attention and encourage commentary.

We are also open to video submissions, If you have something you feel the boxing world should see and/or something you think would strike up discussion feel free contact us for consideration.


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